Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be Republican?

  • We strive to empower the people to make their lives better by relying less on government.
  • We fight for lower taxes, protection of our environment, and a secure homeland.
  • We are the party that put an end to slavery and continues to fight for minorities today.
  • We believe in creating business friendly communities.
  • We believe in long term planning, not short term temporary fixes.
  • We work for a strong education system with accountability and parental choice.
  • We fight for working families and individuals and share the value of every human life.
  • We believe government exists to help its citizens better their lives by self empowerment, while assisting us when we need help and allowing us to live freely from over-taxation and control.

What if I am interested in running for public office?
If you are interested in running for office as a Republican candidate, you should first contact your town or city Republican chairperson. That information can be found on the GOP Officials page.

How do I join the Ulster County Republican Committee?
We would love to hear from you! Please contact your city or town Republican chairperson. That information is on our GOP Officials page.

Where is the Ulster County Republican headquarters?
Our headquarters is located at 130 North Front Street, Kingston NY 12402, ground floor. Office hours are by appointment. Please call us at (845) 338-6245 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

How do I contact my Republican elected officials?
A list of your Republican elected officials is on our GOP Officials page. When available, a contact phone number and email address is listed for every Republican official.